Our core product line

Our products are comparable in quality to National Brand Products. Products are available in Tablet, Capsule, Powder (Pack & Bottle), Blister (tab & cap), Pouches, Bottle, Bulks and also Soft Gelatin Capsule form. 

Product and Packaging Categories:

Vitamin A: Natural, Synthetic, Mixed Carotenoids

Vitamin B: B-Complex, B-100, B-50 (Capsule or Tablet form) 

Vitamin C: Natural, Ascorbic Acid 

Vitamin D: High Potency Tablet, Capsules, Chewable Formulas

Vitamin E: Natural, Synthetic D, DL, Succinate or Acetate, Tocotrienol 

Sports Nutrition: Amino Acid, Protein Concentrates, Hydrolyzed Protein 

Bone Health: Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D - individually and combined

Weight Management/Diet Products: All natural weight management products

Food Supplements: Weight gain reduction tablet, capsules and powders. 

Extracts and Herbs: Resveratrol, Wolfberry, Green tea, Acai Berry 

Joint Support: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Tumeric Extracts, Hyaluronic acid

Men's Health: Multivitamins for Men 

Female Health: Multivitamins for Women 

Children's Formula: Chew-able Multivitamin, Vitamin C

Eye Health: Beta Carotene, Mixed Carotenoids, Vitamin A, Tocotienol 

Hair, Skin & Nail Supplements: Combination of Vitamins, Herbs, Extracts and Minerals. 

Multivitamins: Combination of Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and Extracts available in Tablet form, Capsule form, and Chewable Tablet form.